let's TOK beauty - Tara O'Kelly

let's TOK beauty - Tara O'Kelly

"We’re here to TOK about how clean beauty can be luxurious and affordable, and to help you stand out while your makeup blends in."

let's meet Tara

early interests

"I grew up with a passion for creativity and a love for nature. From a young age I was helping to renovate our family homes, playing every sport from figure skating to hockey and volleyball to competitive cheerleading, I was constantly outdoors swimming, boating or playing in nature. 

My appreciation and love for cosmetics came at a young age as well. Playing with my moms makeup, using my sister as the model, and receiving Estée Lauder and Clinique gift packs from my Grandma every Christmas, I ended up falling in love with textures, colours, scents and the application of various products."

TOK's inspiration

"Throughout the years I have always had sensitivities to products and dry skin. Severe forms of eczema and rosacea that, before clean beauty and a focus on wellness, could only be combatted with prescription creams and warm baths. 

As I got older, I started to focus more on my wellness. After being diagnosed with epilepsy, and after I neglected my health for 10 years, I made the decision to start doing something I love with a focus on health and wellness.  I explored nutrition and fitness as a career path, but my passion for creativity and helping other women led me to beauty. I certified myself as a makeup artist, spoke to women about what they were looking for, researched ingredients and spoke with chemists. I combined my love for nature with my appreciation and love for cosmetics. The TOK Beauty clean beauty line was born. 

I built this brand so you can be uniquely creative, using sophisticated products, that are truly clean. I am building a brand I love using ingredients that are derived from nature, ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and packaged consciously.

When I am not building TOK Beauty, I am most likely doing something else creative like painting watercolours or doing makeup, spending time in nature on a hike or at a farmers market."

Let's TOK Beauty,



TOK's values

cleanly formulated

"We are on a mission to create an affordable, high-end, plant-based beauty line with multi use products that simplify the everyday beauty routine and enhance your natural beauty. These are the ingredients that make our formulas effective, clean and high-quality." Read full list here.

packaged with the planet in mind

"At TOK Beauty, not only do we want to provide simple and high quality beauty products, but we are committed and on a mission to offer products that are packaged and shipped sustainably. While we recognize that single use plastic has become a cause for concern, we have consciously decided to use aluminum packaging and recyclable plastics where we can to help make a difference.

Aluminum is a sustainable material and it is 100% recyclable. It can be endlessly reprocessed without loss of the metal quality. The recycling process uses only 5% of the energy required for production. It is lightweight and can be transported easily, which also equates to a lower carbon footprint.

Our packaging can be recycled through Terracycle. Terracycle is a globally recognized company that is able to properly seperate recyclable components."


Links to the original page detailing Tara's story and TOK's mission: https://www.tokbeauty.ca/pages/about-us · https://www.tokbeauty.ca/pages/commitment-to-sustainability