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The past few years have certainly been a ride for all of us; so much is out of our control and change is even more constant than ever before. The only relief we've found is through focussing on what we can control, shifting our perspectives and priorities to reflect our true values, and caring for the things we treasure. This, of course, includes ourselves of course! Right now, it's more important than ever to maintain your glowing and radiating presence on this earth.

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This year is the year to turn inward gaining more clarity about who you are and what you want out of your life. Everything in life is up to us as individuals, and this is especially true right now. ~ Julie Michaud

Many of us have faced major professional changes or even personal ones throughout the past few years, resulting in an elevated sense of anxiety within and around us. We're right here with you. As a small business, we are faced with the new state of our planet every day, but this only encourages us to keep doing what we do: to help you remove the overload and find your zen when practicing a healthy self care ritual with local and sustainable options, so that your light can shine brightly.

Regardless of what is going on around us, self care is important for each one of us to find our inner peace. Grounding yourself can be as easy as walking barefoot on the ground, 20 minutes of peace of mind alone or with the kids, 10 minutes writing down all of the feelings you have been trying to process in your head, or find time for that ultimate holy hour of self care where you massage your body, care for your skin, mediate, and take a peaceful bath. It truly makes a world of difference, allowing us to breath in the moment and appreciate the good in and around us.

At portia-ella, self-care is a priority we help you achieve, we are always stocked with the best natural aromatherapy, relaxation and pampering products that help you find your inner peace.

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