back to your clean (personal care) routine

back to your clean (personal care) routine

September is synonymous with routine. While the unstructured and carefree days of summer are dreamy, there’s something about getting back into the swing of things that can feel so comforting. Routines string together daily habits and rituals that make life easy and predictable. 

Applying personal care products is a part of most everyone’s daily routine. It’s said that both men and women use an average of 12 products each day, accounting for 112 unique ingredients, many of which may include chemicals of concern.  

With so many beautiful and effective clean beauty products available to us, why not choose to make healthier alternatives a part of your daily routine? As Canada’s clean beauty standard, portia-ella offers products to accommodate not only your luxury beauty rituals, but your necessary hygiene routines as well. 

Here are our suggestions to elevate your daily, clean, personal care experience:  

Deodorant – as un-glamourous as it is, a well-functioning deodorant helps to keep us socially acceptable. The goal? To eliminate odour-causing bacteria, but not prevent sweat entirely. Why not? Sweating is a very healthy, natural, built-in pathway to eliminate toxins. At portia-ella, we offer a wide selection of deodorants from sprays to sticks, potent formulas to gentle baking-soda free options. Ingredients such as magnesium and activated charcoal are your keys to stink-free success!

Shampoo – washing our hair is routine for most people, however the “no-poo” trend sure has become popular in recent years! Advocating for washing our hair less has its merits for the health of our scalp and tresses. Our natural oils can be beneficial, and shampooing less often prevents stripping our hair, thus helping to protect each strand. At portia-ella you will find several options to satisfy your unique shampoo ritual, whether it’s daily or weekly. From (shampoo) bars to bottles, unscented or naturally fragranced, you will be sure to find a pH balanced hair cleanser for your hair type. psst...we even offer many clean-ingredient dry shampoos – the ultimate time saver this time of year!

Use coupon code dryshampoo25 to receive 25% off a Bottle None dry shampoo (light or dark) with the purchase of any other Bottle None product. One time use per customer. Offer expires December 31, 2023. 

Body Moisturizers – with winter looming ahead, moisturizing ourselves from head to toe becomes an integral part of our daily routine. Since our skin is our largest organ, it’s important to consider slathering it with toxin-free hydration—our skin deserves no less! Natural lipids from plant or ancestral oils help to keep all of our parts smooth. Check out our beautiful offering of body moisturizers to make your after-bath experience incredible. From (naturally) scented oils to lightweight lotions and thick body butters, dry flaky skin won’t have a chance on you this winter!  

Inner Boosters – the appearance of our skin is directly affected by the health of our bodies. By eliminating inflammation, boosting your immune system and combatting toxins - you will not only feel better, but you’ll appear more radiant as well. Start with a healthy diet of whole foods, and then consider supplementing with inner boosters. The routine of caring for your body from the inside will have life-changing benefits.  

We’re thankful you’re here with the goal to clean up your daily routine! By choosing to support the Canadian independent beauty brands partnering with portia-ella, your daily routine will have a positive ripple effect throughout our nation.