Ingrid Nederpelt - PUUR Ingrid

Ingrid Nederpelt - PUUR Ingrid

"What brings me joy, besides the brand I've built, is the exhilaration of pushing boundaries. It might sound a bit unusual, but I firmly believe that every individual possesses the potential to achieve something remarkable or become the person they've always aspired to be."  Ingrid Nederpelt 

Today on thePRIMER, we will learn more about Ingrid’s journey as the independent beauty-brand owner of  PUUR Ingrid

Ingrid Nederpelt

about you, personally

Ingrid, describe for us a “day in your life”.  

A "day in my life" is a continuous cycle of work, but it's a cycle I genuinely enjoy. It might seem like work, work, work, with weekend evenings feeling much like weekdays, but I have a deep passion for what I do, which keeps me going. In a way, work has become my hobby, and I consider myself fortunate for that because it fuels my motivation. 

Of course, I take breaks from work, especially to spend time with my kids. They're a bit older now, so things are a bit different, but family remains a cherished part of my life. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, like many others, we decided to welcome a puppy into our home. That little pup has grown into a big, active dog that needs plenty of exercise. I'm fortunate to reside in the beautiful Foothills area, where I can take my dog on long, scenic walks. It's become a morning ritual for me to start the day with a brisk walk, aiming to achieve those 10,000 steps before breakfast. It's a refreshing way to connect with nature and clear my mind for the day ahead. 

Do you have any tips to maintain balance in your day-to-day? Any life hacks you would like to share?   

Maintaining balance in day-to-day life can be a challenge, especially when work is also a passion. However, I've found a few strategies that help me stay grounded and maintain a sense of equilibrium. Prioritization is key; I start each day by identifying my top priorities to address the most critical tasks first, preventing overwhelm and maintaining a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, taking short, mindful breaks throughout the day is crucial. Whether it's a few minutes of deep breathing or a walk with my dog, these breaks rejuvenate me and improve focus, allowing me to recharge and approach my tasks with a clearer and more centered mindset. 

What brings you joy – besides the brand you built?   

What brings me joy, besides the brand I've built, is the exhilaration of pushing boundaries. It might sound a bit unusual, but I firmly believe that every individual possesses the potential to achieve something remarkable or become the person they've always aspired to be. I take pride and joy in personal growth and development in various facets of life. Embracing new challenges and pushing my own limits. It's the thrill of discovering what I'm capable of and continuously evolving that fuels my passion and brings me a profound sense of fulfillment. 

What occupies your free time? Or if you don’t have much free time, what do you imagine you would fill it with someday? 

As an indie-beauty brand owner, my schedule is often quite packed, leaving me with limited free time. However, when I do have moments to spare, I prioritize spending quality time with my family. These moments are precious to me, and I cherish the opportunity to create lasting memories together. 

In the future, as my brand continues to grow and evolve, I envision dedicating more time to personal pursuits and hobbies. I'm drawn to the idea of exploring new experiences, whether it's delving deeper into my passion for natural skincare, embarking on creative endeavors. Additionally, I have a deep love for nature and a strong desire to travel more, exploring the beauty of this planet. It's a dream to be able to travel with my family and discover the wonders of the world together.  

 PUUR Ingrid products

about your business

How long have you been an indie-beauty brand owner, Ingrid? What was the inspiration to start your brand?   

I have been on my journey as an indie-beauty brand owner for 10 years now, having previously owned a brand in the field of food supplements. My inspiration to start PUUR Ingrid stemmed from a deep passion for integrative medicine and a strong commitment to crafting safe and effective skincare products. This inspiration was further fueled by a personal experience – my father's battle with colon cancer. His health struggles made me acutely aware of the critical importance of honesty and transparency in the ingredients used in many of our daily used products. 

What is your involvement in the creation of your products?  

I am deeply involved in the creation of our products, and one of my core principles is to search for innovative ingredients that are firmly supported by scientific research for their exceptional performance. We actively seek out green technology suppliers who align with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

I personally dedicate extensive time to research and development, ensuring that PUUR Ingrid's skincare products not only embrace natural ingredients but also prioritize safety and exceptional effectiveness. This dedication is a fundamental part of our brand's ethos. 

Did everything go as planned as you began to build your business? What were some (positive and negative) surprises along the way?   

As I began to build my business, not everything went as planned, and I encountered several surprises, both positive and negative. One significant challenge I faced was the contrast between my values and goals in the natural beauty industry and the prevailing mindset in Alberta when I arrived there in 2008. At that time, the province was still heavily focused on the oil and gas industry, and there was limited attention on health and toxin-free skincare products. 

One of the negative surprises I encountered was the resistance from some individuals and businesses who were looking for shortcuts in the skincare industry. Many believed that it wasn't necessary to prioritize clean and green ingredients as much as I did. They were willing to compromise on product quality and safety. However, I remained steadfast in my commitment to creating safe and natural skincare products, even in the face of this resistance. 

I continued to follow my own intuition and sought out certification programs and institutions that were respected and credible in the natural beauty industry. This pursuit of full transparency was essential to me because I was aware that many companies kept hidden the true composition of their products. For example, it's surprising to learn that fragrances can hide up to 3,000 chemicals in beauty products. This discovery reinforced my determination to provide consumers with products they could trust. 

Amid all the challenges of owning your own business, what motivates you to continue chasing your dream?    

Amid all the challenges of owning my own business, what truly motivates me to continue chasing my dream is the sincere hope that one day, both consumers and the entire industry will come to a collective realization. For far too long, many personal care products have contained harmful and toxic ingredients that disrupt our hormones, trigger allergies, and pose other health risks. This realization fuels my unwavering determination to provide customers with a better, safer option. 

I am not just driven by personal success but by the broader mission to raise awareness about the importance of clean and green skincare. I strive to set an example for others in the industry and encourage all indie-brand owners to keep pushing forward. Together, we can make a significant impact on the beauty industry, ensuring that honesty, transparency, and the well-being of consumers become the standard, not the exception. 

Do you have a “best moment” in your journey that you will never forget? A highlight experience or turning point that changed everything?   

I have been fortunate to experience several "best moments" in my journey as the founder of PUUR Ingrid, moments that I will cherish forever. First and foremost, there's the incredibly special feeling when you hold the first batch of a new product ready to grace the shelves. Most of our products undergo an extensive research period, often lasting a year, and some even span two years. So, when that moment arrives, it's nothing short of fantastic. It represents the culmination of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to delivering the very best to our customers. 

Moreover, I must highlight the years 2022 and 2023, which brought about some truly remarkable experiences. We made the decision to enter the prestigious Beauty Short List Awards, an internationally recognized accolade. It's an arena where renowned brands like Dr. Hauschka, Rosanno Ferretti, Philip Kingsley, and Paul Mitchell also compete, making the competition fierce. However, PUUR Ingrid emerged triumphant, clinching an impressive 5 awards. These moments fill me with immense pride, as they serve as a testament to the tireless efforts and dedication. It's incredibly rewarding to see that hard work and a steadfast commitment to quality are recognized and celebrated on such a grand scale. 

Do you have any regrets along your journey? Something you would do differently if you could? 

No, I don't have any regrets along my journey. I'm not the type of person who dwells on regrets. Every step I take is a carefully considered one, and once I commit to it, I'm all in. I believe that each decision and experience, whether positive or challenging, contributes to the growth and learning that defines my journey, and I wouldn't change a thing. 

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your thoughts on clean beauty

Ingrid, what does clean beauty mean to you?   

Ultimately, clean beauty for me represents a mission to transform the beauty industry, one product at a time, by setting high standards of honesty, transparency, and quality. It's about creating a positive impact, not only for my brand but for the industry as a whole, by championing the importance of clean, green, and honest skincare. 

Are there certain ingredients (used in the industry) that you can’t believe are still permitted for use in cosmetics?   

Oh my, I'm probably the worst person to ask about this because I have quite a long list of concerning ingredients that I can't believe are still permitted for use in cosmetics. However, I can certainly name some of the most common ones that raise serious concerns: 

Parabens: Used as preservatives in various products, parabens, such as methylparaben and ethylparaben, can disrupt hormones, leading to hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and potentially cancer. 

Phthalates: Found in nail polishes, perfumes, hairspray, and lotions, phthalates have been linked to various health issues, including asthma, breast cancer, obesity, and reproductive problems. 

Triclosan: Initially an antibacterial agent, triclosan is now in products like toothpaste and deodorants. Prolonged exposure to triclosan may disrupt hormone regulation and contribute to various health problems. 

Lead: Traditional eyeliners like kohl may contain lead, which is linked to developmental issues in children, kidney damage, miscarriage, high blood pressure, and some cancers. 

Formaldehyde: Used as a preservative, formaldehyde can lead to skin irritation and is linked to cancer, asthma, neurotoxicity, and scalp burns. 

Despite the presence of these concerning ingredients in cosmetics, resources like the Skin Deep Database from EWG and CertClean can help consumers make informed choices and opt for safer, cleaner alternatives. While such ingredients may still be permitted in some products, awareness and vigilance can guide individuals toward safer skincare options. 

Is there a star ingredient in your product range?   

Yes, within our skincare product range, a standout ingredient is Squalane, sustainably sourced from sugarcane. Squalane is a remarkable ingredient known for its multifaceted benefits. It operates at a cellular level, facilitating the deeper penetration of other active ingredients in our facial oils into the skin. This results in a range of advantages, including profound hydration, improved absorption, and enhanced skin protection. Squalane is a versatile and highly effective component that plays a pivotal role in promoting healthy and beautiful skin for our valued customers 

What is your favourite product from your brand?   

Choosing a favorite product from our brand can be quite challenging because I often rotate between products, especially in my facial care routine. Each season, my skin has different needs, so I adjust accordingly. However, at the moment, as we prepare for fall, I'm particularly fond of our True EyeLove Eye Cream. 

True EyeLove Eye Cream is a peptide-rich formula featuring Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, and Bakuchiol, which is a natural alternative to retinol. It provides deep hydration to target areas prone to wrinkles. In addition to applying it around my eyes, I also use it to address the laugh lines around my mouth. :) 

Share your favourite clean beauty product you use regularly from another brand.  

One of my favorite clean beauty products that I regularly use is from MarieNatie Cosmetics. MarieNatie has been at the forefront of the clean beauty revolution, crafting award-winning natural, non-toxic cosmetics that prioritize both our well-being and the environment. I truly appreciate that we share the same mission of promoting clean beauty, and I'm delighted to support her business. 

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