Neige & Pippa Blair - Routine

Neige & Pippa Blair - Routine

"At Routine, we believe that your scent is like a fingerprint, and how you choose to smell tells a story. Our credo is to offer beautiful, natural personal products that feel and smell incredible. Everyday routines that do good and are life-changing. To compliment your pheromones without compromise. To honour nature. To produce kinder to the earth, mindfully sourced packaging and products in our neighbourhood home of Canadian Rockies. To fall in love with how YOU smell."

Today on thePrimer, we will discover more about Neige and Pippa, and their journey as the beauty-brand co-founders of Routine Natural Beauty.

the roots of routine

Neige, who had always had a knack for creation, wildcrafted what would become the first Routine deodorant formula for herself and loved ones who all wanted a natural deodorant that would truly work after being frustrated by either a lack of selection or ineffective formulas. Years later, with encouragement from those who loved her handmade formula (including Pippa), Neige decided to try bringing them to market. Soon after, her sister Pippa joined forces and began to build Routine from the ground up, leading with their love of natural beauty, art, music, and spirit that runs through the veins of Routine now, nearly 12 years later.

about their business

As both Pippa and Neige are mothers, creativity doesn't just apply to their business, but also to their time management and so much else that goes into juggling it all. From their humble beginnings at local markets and trade shows, one of their biggest strengths was how genuine and fresh their approach to business and branding was, setting them apart and creating a bridge between their high-performance product and a platform and distribution network that could truly showcase the best that they had to offer.

sustainability, internally & externally

With their creativity and handcrafted origins came a natural practice of sustainability. Whether it be for displays, photoshoots, or anything in between, reusing and purposing was always top of mind for Neige and Pippa, communicating that the practice of sustainability was not only something that Routine projected outwards, but that Routine valued highly and practiced internally first. Talk about transparency, right!

smell how you want to, live how you want to

Routine's allure, in addition to expertly-crafted formulas, comes down to the over a dozen scents that translate across their product line, allowing you to smell how you want to, no matter which products you use. It's a universal scent offering that just isn't prevalent in most clean beauty brands. What's more, the scents that each take on a distinct character, providing notes that complement natural pheromones beautifully, are curated using only blends of essential oils, allowing those who enjoy smelling divine to do so without having to apply harsh or harmful chemicals to their bodies. 

Similarly, Neige and Pippa approach their lives and business in the same way, creating a brand that stays true to them and their vision and living life on their own terms, even if that sometimes includes going against what people in their position would typically do. Their success and the success of Routine serves as inspiration and proof that leading with values can be so powerful; Canadian-made, women-led, sustainable, clean, ethical, and always striving for better.

the routine ripple effect

"Routine believes in supporting both local and sustainable packaging to deliver all our customers the products they deserve with zero compromise on quality, design, or sustainability. Here are some of the ways our sister-owned business is working towards positive impact on the community and earth."

boxes - all of their boxes are made in BC, Canada out of FSC-certified paper

deo jars - glass, and infinitely refillable. over 100,000 (and counting) of their jar deodorants have been refilled. *also reusable as tea lights, shot glasses, travel jars, storage, plant pots, etc...

deo sticks - all of their deodorant sticks are made of cardboard on the outside and a small twist-up component made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic on the inside

hair care - the first of their kind, Routine's shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles are made entirely within a 5km radius of Routine HQ, so they only make the journey to you

perfume balm - their botanic perfume balms are housed in extra special violetglass jars, made ethically in the Netherlands,  then printed and filled within 5km of Routine HQ

the routine manifesto

"The onerous part is done. The stuff of weekdays, where we sleuth and search and DIG IN to make sure all of our routine product creations are full of only the best things. Only supreme elements we wish to have on our bodies and in our homes.  Because our bodies are our homes. And our homes house our bodies. The natural and right things -because we’re far enough into the future to know what’s good and clean and best for our skin, hearts and planet. Because we actually, genuinely care. Because of daughters, sons, friends and neighbours. You.

Because let’s lift each other up and walk each other home. NOW it’s time for the weekend. We’re nice but we’re still badass. The FUN LIKE FRIDAY part is for you (honestly for us too). Let’s have a little fun. Then, when you’re comfortable, a lot of it. That’s why we exist: To impart joy. To receive it too. No? YES. This is our gift, our forté. Natural smells, with more.  Let’s curate your routine. Let’s curate your smell. Let’s free your pheromones and enlighten your olfactories.

Let’s get you smelling like YOU, however you want to and then you can change your mind, and try something new. You can smell like that really good song, like a certain vibe, a je ne sais quoi, a sweet memory. A nuance. A war cry. A déja vu, or maybe something happening NOW. The future too. 

Smell how you want.

Smell how you feel.


The end."