can sun protection be achieved without SPF?

can sun protection be achieved without SPF?

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," and this is undoubtedly true in the case of sun protection! Yet, many of us struggle to maintain good sun-protection habits, even throughout the summertime! Using sun protection daily can significantly slow signs of aging like dark spots, wrinkles, and collagen breakdown. And, since sun damage happens gradually and cumulatively (and can't be reversed), prevention truly is the best approach.

Fortunately, the chances are you are already using sun protection through your current routine! Keep reading to find out if that's the case.    

can sun protection be achieved without SPF?

It's a trick question, of course! To answer, you must first understand what makes a sunscreen. To use the term "SPF", companies must go through a rigid process with Health Canada and obtain a DIN number. Years can go by before you can finally complete the process, an elaborate and expensive process. In a way, it's a great thing because it protects consumers like you from buying a false claimed "SPF" that could cause severe damage. 

What if a company uses the right sunscreen ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and raspberry seed oil in the correct percentage but doesn't get their DIN for an approved SPF? In the indie realm, this happens more often than you can imagine! After all, starting to sell products may help the brand afford the expensive DIN process! 

We recommend using a rated SPF for protection, but layering with other sun protection is the perfect way to do it for a lasting shield!

the two ingredients to look for

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (broad-spectrum protection) are often used in natural foundations and tinted moisturizers to achieve specific texture and pigment composition. It is also found in primers and other skincare. Pairing these products with an SPF makes for easy-to-wear protection. Here are a few of our favourites. 

1 - moisturize with a +

Prep your skin with skincare fortified with zinc oxide like Skin Essence's Nourish or Neroli facial oils. If you prefer a cream, Prairie Bliss's Replenishing 30+ Moisturizer and Daily Antioxidant 45+ Sunscreen are effortlessly smooth and silky. 

2 - prime

Whether you prefer a natural look or are going to apply full glam makeup, the next step is universally loved: our 2-in-1 primers/tinted moisturizers. Face Glow and SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer are perfect to wear alone or as primers under your foundation. They provide protection as well as a light amount of coverage, and layer beautifully no matter which products you use along with them.

3 - perfect

Nearly all of our foundations and BB/CC creams contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. For light to medium coverage, Elate's Refresh Foundation and Sweet Leilani's Tinted Moisturizer are favourites. If you prefer medium to full coverage, Prep, Prime & Powder or Smooth & Conceal Foundation are your best bets. 

Topping off with a setting powder can not only help combat oily skin burst from the heat, but add another layer of protection that's easy to reapply and touch up as the day goes on. Keep a compact of Pressed Sheer Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation handy in your bag for spontaneous brunches, walks in the park, or summer cocktails!


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