skin aging: preventable or inevitable?

skin aging: preventable or inevitable?

With the end of summer upon us, we’re filled with fond memories of time spent with loved ones and a feeling of completeness. After a few years of uncertainty, enjoying this summer to the fullest was refreshing on so many levels, no doubt with many hours spent outdoors, in the water just soaking up the goodness that nature has to offer while we can.

As the summer chapter closes, we look to fall and winter ahead of us, filled with routine, productivity, and reflection that reminds us of all we’ve accomplished and have yet to do before the year ends. No matter which activities you need to feel your best, our self-care regimens may be routines we’re actually looking forward to starting again, as they help keep us grounded and connected to ourselves from our skin to our core.

If you’re looking forward to taking better care of your skin and body during the fall and winter, this article is for you. As much as skincare is important to maintain our vitality, the hibernation months present the perfect opportunity to help our skin actively recover from the summer sun and prevent signs of premature aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, uneven tone, and even melasma. Every year, our skin takes on small amounts of damage and natural aging, but left unchecked, this damage can quickly compound into visible changes before we know it. Is there a way to prevent this?

The short answer: yes. Radiance, that ageless complexion that attracts light to the skin, giving off a glow ocurs when the skin is firm, hydrated, even, and bright. Although this can seem unattainable, getting closer to your best complexion is absolutely possible with the right active ingredients that help to accelerate our skin’s natural recovery processes and get us closer to the results we want. 

active ingredients

potent boosters

Firming and rebuilding the skin is no small task. Whenever our skin suffers damage, we have natural processes that help repair the damage. As we know from getting simple scratches though, this rebuilt skin often comes in a different colour and texture and takes a long while to fade back to its original appearance. Enter active ingredients like concentrated antioxidants, collagen, and collagen boosters that speed this process and help the skin rebuild itself everyday in a brighter, smoother, and more firm way. Two of our favourites that feature these boosting ingredients are Antioxidant Booster and Collagen and Kojic Acid Radiant Cream

brightening acids

As the skin rebuilds itself, help from brightening treatments every several days can provide a boost prevent certain dark spots from ever forming in the first place. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are the star ingredient in this department, often paired with other exfoliating and repairing botanicals that, together, brighten physically and enzymatically. Try the Clarifying Dermal Polish for a fast, transformative, and clarifying treatment, or these brightening masks for a powerful glow-up: Brightening Mask – 0.5% AHA & Brightening Mask – Turmeric & AHA.

hydrating humectants

While we brighten, even, and firm our skin, hydration is key. Not only does it plump our skin up for that youthful bounce, but provides the best environment for collagen to strengthen our skin all the way down to the deeper layers. Hyaluronic acid, hydrating extracts, and polysaccharides are just some of the amazing hydrating powerhouses that offer this deep hydration. Hydra Revive Treatment and Power Trip Facial Serum contain a mixture of these as well as additional firming benefits, the kinds that can be felt even after just a few uses!