earth hour to earth day to earth life

earth hour to earth day to earth life

Julie Michaud

in a disposable world, switching to refillable is an act of bravery.

we want to encourage you to shop zero waste for the next 26 days. not only will we be featuring all of our package free and refillable brands during this time, but we will be offering a free 30 ml skin care refill [of your choice] (in person) or a free Pure AF skin bar (online), with the purchase of three zero waste products!

additionally, we will be offering 20% off to anybody who showcases their experience on Instagram stories, using our beautiful refill station in-store. use the hashtag #earthhourtoearthday and show us your story when you pay! (don’t forget to tag us). 

we look forward to helping you incorporate some seriously impressive and sustainable products into your life, and together, with baby steps, we can work towards a world where we honour our mother earth every day.