too stinky to switch to natural deo? this one is for you

too stinky to switch to natural deo? this one is for you

Think you're "too stinky" to switch to natural deodorant? I mean, let's face it, nobody wants to walk around feeling like they need to 'social distance' because of their BO. Luckily, you can do a few things to switch to natural deo confidently and successfully. 

What works for one may not work the same way for another. These steps here will guide you through everything you need to know so you too, can DITCH the aluminum-based deo for good!

3-steps for guaranteed pit-BO success

Your underarm microbiomes are about to go on a wild ride. Switching deodorant will recolonize the armpits with new bacteria. Antiperspirant contains aluminum which blocks sweat glands preventing you from sweating. This also traps toxins in your body. When your underarms are finally free to breathe, the toxin buildup... will get out!

1 - detox

An armpit detox can be the key to tackling the root cause of BO by eliminating odour-causing bacteria and buildup from pores. The first week is usually easy, but you may notice odours that weren't there before in the second week. It's normal! Using an underarm detox product will help fight the odours.

how-to:  Before your morning shower, apply the  Underarm Detox, and leave it for a couple of minutes. You can also use the  Charcoal Underarm Bar. Let it pull the bad stuff out and rinse. Use daily during the first four weeks, and then use as needed.

2 - pick right

Your perspiration pattern (how much and how often you sweat) will determine which deodorants will work best for you.

  • If you sweat minimally with very little odour, nearly  any deodorant will work for you. (also, how did you get so lucky?!!)
  • For those who sweat moderately throughout the day, choosing a deodorant that effectively manages bacteria growth to prevent odour and sweat buildup is key to constant freshness. Try active human or kaia naturals. They are both great on sensitive skin and will keep you fresh all day.
  • If you sweat profusely (it's actually good for you) and struggle with odour, using a deodorant that absorbs moisture + controls bacteria growth can go a long way. pureAF or bottle none do just that and are the longest-lasting deos we have on shelves.

3 - better habits

small tweaks can be game changers for you.

  • Avoid wearing synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, rayon or spandex as they hold on to smell. Natural fabrics such as cotton or linen are breathable and let moisture get away from the skin, not allowing bacteria to multiply as quickly.
  • Always apply your deodorant right after showering on dry underarms. This will combat bacteria growth from the get-go and keep you fresher for longer.
  • Ensure your deodorant is fully blended into the skin. This protects your clothes from deo stains and will also make your deodorant more effective. Applying only what your underarms can absorb at a time is the way to go—less is more!

Dark underarms? Try the Niacimide Brightening Deodorant. It will control odour while brightening the skin with ingredients like niacinamide and alpha arbutin.

So there you have it! Go on, and put your arms up in the air like you just don't care!


editors deodorants review

active humans - A cult favourite, this spray-on deodorant is well-loved due to its ease of application, sensitive skin-friendly formula, and how well it performs. Plus if you live near our kelowna studio can just come back for refill instead purchasing new bottle. 

pureAF - This is a high-performing cross between a cream and gel deodorant consistency, so if you love traditional deodorant, this one is for you. The blend of ingredients mimics those same deodorizing properties but is actually longer-lasting because it inhibits bacteria growth from the time of application. For you, this means clean, dry, fresh underarms for up to 48 hours (we've tested it).

bottle none - A unique cream-to-powder formula, this deodorant would be the closest to a natural and healthy antiperspirant. Blending just a small amount into the skin gives you that antiperspirant protection in two ways: it absorbs moisture, so you stay fresh and dry, preventing odour-causing bacteria that flourish in moisture from creating odours, and the anti-bacterial ingredients themselves also fight any other bacteria from ruining your day. For those who sweat profusely or haven't had any luck with natural deodorants yet, this is a must-try.

kaia naturals - The soft gel-to-powder deo glides onto the skin exactly like traditional deodorants and leaves no stains or traces, but is fortified by charcoal to give you a deodorant + detox experience. It's loved by individuals with minimal, major, or moderate perspiration because it provides long-term benefits.