green is the new black

green is the new black

What was once an unmatched 24-hour opportunity to shop exclusive deals has, in recent years, turned into an entire season defined by materialism. From October to December, we’re inundated with notifications about Black Friday sales, all competing with each other to provide the best deal and encouraging us to overconsume. This year more than ever before, we’re all noticing just how overwhelming Black Friday has gotten.

Black Friday’s origin story was one of chaos, darkness, and even violence before retailers put a more positive spin on it, cementing it as the shopping event of the year. Now, half a century later, Black Friday is once again clouded in havoc as the most pollution-causing day of the year, not to mention the damage caused by extended Black Friday deals. In addition to the carbon footprint of the items we’re buying themselves, all of the packaging, transportation, and waste involved add up, and the result is anything but pretty.

But is this really so bad? After all, we all shop looking for the best deal. Isn’t Black Friday helpful? Seeking these deeply discounted items seems innocent enough. You’re getting what you want for a bargain. While in the past this may have been something to celebrate, shopping based primarily on price alone pushes businesses to continually cut corners just to offer us the deepest discounts possible. Being able to offer outrageous deals means that companies are relying on cheap, harmful materials, exploitative labour practices, and a disregard for the environment. The line between efficiency and exploitation has long been crossed. Destruction is trending and we’re not here for it.

it’s time for a change

Green is the new black this holiday season, bringing new traditions, energy, and ways to make the holiday season special all from the perspective of sustainability. Green is the colour of life, nature, rebirth, freshness, and harmony. These are precisely the intentions we hold going into Green Friday, and the same goes for our brands. Rooted in values that prioritize the environment, local economies, and sustainable production, Green Friday means something different to us.

It's been a tough year and now, more than ever before, we’re all looking for the best deals we can get. For us, this is an opportunity to shop for ethical products that we love at a better rate than any other time of the year. Because pricing from sustainable brands always accounts for fair labour, ethically sourced ingredients, and the most eco-friendly packaging, the promotions offered are meaningful. When we shop for gifts and ourselves on Green Friday, providing an influx of support to small, local, sustainable businesses, it’s deeply felt and appreciated by every person on their teams. It's a game changer, affording a chance to keep growing and offering us all the items we adore.

holiday shopping with our wallets, the planet & loved ones in mind

Make a list, check it twice. find out what’s naughty and what’s nice. So much waste is created when we don’t plan ahead. We resort to last-minute options and over-purchase more often than not. When we don’t plan, we also risk selecting items that aren’t going to be well-loved and may end up wasted. Luckily, there's an easy 5-step fix:

  1. Start with a list including what you’ll need for gifting, decorating, or even just for yourself. Lay out your ideal holiday season on paper and be as specific as you can!
  2. Consider whether there are sustainable alternatives. Review the list keeping in mind that not all gifts are created equally, some carry a heavier environmental impact than others. Whether we’re given gift requests or not, we can often find sustainable alternatives to the products we’re used to—maybe even options we’ll enjoy more. Explore brands like portia-ella to find something memorable for everyone. Psst—check out our gift guide here for ideas!
  3. Visit local and sustainable shops to purchase these items from. We will be sharing some fantastic businesses to support this holiday on Instagram in Winnipeg and Kelowna. Stay tuned and be sure to show them some love.
  4. Do take advantage of Green Friday deals. Because we planned ahead, we’re able to find what we want at a discount, online or in-store. Rather than accumulating mindless clutter this Black Friday, we’ll be intentionally taking advantage of what Green Friday is offering.
  5. Check out our Instagram for tips every week. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the initiatives we're taking to create a memorable + sustainable holiday season. We look forward to sharing how we’re consciously celebrating to the fullest <3