skincare's best-kept secret

skincare's best-kept secret

Have we been ignoring the most potent skincare products available?

Oils. Without a doubt the most misunderstood type of beauty product on the market. When some endorse their benefits while others warn against the damage they can cause, we’re left confused, wondering whether there’s any truth to the skepticism. Why are we so scared of oils? Are they best left avoided, or can they effectively and quickly transform our skin?

You’ve probably heard one of the following 3 myths about oil products for the skin. But what if the opposite were true? Could that "glass skin" radiance be within reach?

myth no.1 - Oils cause increased oiliness, clogged pores, irritation, and breakouts

This can absolutely be true when using the wrong kind of oil. Essential oils are too strong for the skin alone and can cause burns are irritation, while many pure plant oils are too heavy for the skin and, in turn, can cause oiliness and promote breakouts. When using a specialized formula, tailor-made for particular skin needs, the opposite becomes true. Reduced breakouts, refined pores, calmed skin, and much more!

myth no.2 - Oils can’t absorb into or help the skin. Hydration is more important and oil-free products are the way to go.

No matter how many steps our skincare routines have, we all aim to meet our skin’s most basic needs: hydration, nourishment, and occlusion (sealing in the hydration and nourishment). Hydration is vital for the skin. It plumps and lubricates its collagen and elastin networks which give us that bouncy, youthful complexion. And while we widely recognize the importance of hydration, nourishing and occluding the skin is far less understood. The truth is, all three of these components are equally essential. None of them can improve the skin without the others.

Lighter oils, acting as emollients, can absorb deeply and quickly into the skin. They soften the skin, deliver nutrients, and begin to transform and balance the complexion. Heavier, occlusive oils protect and seal, ensuring that the good stays in and the bad stays out. What sets them truly apart from their emulsified counterparts (lotions or creams) is that oil formulas are more potent. Because oil formulas don’t need emulsifiers or fillers, you end up with the highest concentration of nutrition possible, which can translate to better results.

myth no.3 - Only those with dry skin benefit from oil cleansing

Oil cleansing can literally go where gels and foams cannot. Oils attract oils, so when an oil cleanser is applied and massaged into the skin, it not only breaks down makeup and debris but draws out sebum plugs from the pores and melts away any residue that has collected on the skin in a gentle, restorative way. Oil cleansing is equally, if not more beneficial for those with oily skin as it is to those with dry skin who need the extra nourishment.

harness the magic of oils in your routine

cleansing – the rich experience of oil cleansing is best done at night to take off your day. It offers the opportunity to massage the face and release some tension while deeply cleansing the skin, even if it’s just for 60 seconds, then remove it either with a warm wet face cloth or follow up with a gentle lathering cleanser. Either of these options will, without a doubt, provide you with the deepest and most luxurious cleansing experience ever!

hydrating – after cleansing, the skincare options are truly endless from toners, essences, serums, or just nothing at all! Whatever your preference is, apply these water-based products next and allow them to begin sinking into the skin.

nourishing – if you’re using a light treatment oil, apply just 1-2 drops onto damp skin immediately following hydration. This helps the oil absorb more deeply and evenly, and locks in the hydration below. Follow with your favourite moisturizer. Using an oil in this way works best for oilier to normal skin types. When the right facial oil is applied to hydrated skin, the complexion will appear radiant and take on that smooth, “glass skin” appearance. Never greasy or oily.

occluding – if a thicker, heavier facial oil suits your needs better, apply 1-3 drops of it as the very last step in your routine after hydration or even on top of a moisturizer. This method of layering is highly nourishing and therefore, works best for normal to dry skin types.

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